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CoinBox MultiChain Mobile Wallet

Creating a CoinBox Blockchain Wallet

To create your first CoinBox Wallet you need to download CoinBox Wallet in Google PlayStore for Android version or IOS Store for IOS Version. CoinBox Wallet uses Tatum KMS Key Management System to empower the backend of the apps. Provides the highest security standards for working with private keys.

Tatum KMS an external tool to securely generate and store private keys and use them to sign transactions locally. This is the safest and recommended way of working with private keys. The Tatum KMS installed in the Deny-From-All environment to meet the highest security standards. The Tatum KMS only communicates with the Tatum API to fetch the list of the pending transactions to sign. After successfully signing and broadcasting transactions to the blockchain, it marks the pending transaction as complete and adds the final broadcasted transaction ID. It supports the distributed control mechanism, where pending transactions are controlled in Tatum, CoinBox Finance and the customer system device (Mobile Phone).

When creating CoinBox Wallet, you will receive a mnemonic, a 24 word-long string that you can understand as a password to our CoinBox wallet. Users can generate multiple addresses and the private key can be generated from a mnemonic. It is sensitive information and should not be revealed. Otherwise, you risk losing your funds.

Every wallet generated in CoinBox Wallet can hold an unlimited address for all available coins. Every user can create an unlimited address for any Bitcoin and Altcoins inside the wallet. CoinBox Wallet Pre-ready with 20++ blockchain assets and any Ethereum token ERC20 and Binance token BEP20 can be added manually by entering the "Smart Contract Address".


The principles of the Referral Program are to give the opportunity to make widespread adoption to your friends and community to introduce blockchain assets Bitcoin and Altcoins.

It gives anyone, anywhere in the world a great opportunity to earn a daily passive income through referral links by bringing adoption to the masses. We managed to create a Referral for “Transfer Transaction” and P2P transactions of all coins by doing the implementation of Layer 2 backend in CoinBox Wallet.

Here are the simple steps on how to earn a referral :

  1. Download CoinBox Wallet App or update your CoinBox Wallet App to the latest version.
  2. Open your CoinBox Wallet App
  3. Go to Settings and click on “Invite friends”
  4. Copy your link and share it with friends! Simply make sure that your friends are downloading CoinBox Wallet to a new device, and creating a new account. It’s really that simple.

Track Your Referral Commissions in CoinBox Wallet

CoinBox Wallet also gives you the ability to instantly track all your referrals and commissions directly in the app, where you can track:

  1. Your total commissions
  2. Total Transfer and P2P conducted by your referrals
  3. Your total referrals

Referrals Rewards From Transfer

Your Referrals Your Earning
First Level 20% From Fees
Second Level 15% From Fees

Referrals Rewards From P2P

Your Referrals Your Earning
First Level 5% From Fees
Second Level 10% From Fees
Third Level 15% From Fees