Coinbox Finance Features

CoinBox Token Creator

Whether you’re creating an in-game currency for your latest RPG (Games), your own community coin, or launching a full-fledge ICO or crowdfunding, ERC20 and BEP20 are the most widely used token standards today.

While there are many types of paid services that can create tokens, you still have to learn hours of tutorials that teach you how to code your token in Solidity, or you can hire a programmer and rely on them. So we decided to make it easier for you to create a new token.

With CoinBox, you have your own token lab on your Mobile Phone to create ERC20 tokens for Ethereum, Celo, BEP20 tokens for Binance Smart Chain, and soon DRC20 tokens for DDKOIN SmartChain, which are only processed in minutes.

Users can mint, burn and distribute efficiently on the wallet no need to learn SOLIDITY, no need to bother to build your own smart contract from scratch.