Coinbox Finance Features

CoinBox Merchant

CoinBox combines a full-service Merchant with QR Invoice, an intuitive point-of-sale (POS) app for merchants, seamless solutions, non-custodial end-user app.

We apply the most sophisticated technology in Layer 2 Off-Chain solutions to reduce miner fees and enable percentage (%) based fees suitable for micro-payment business and create widespread use of Bitcoin and Altcoins.

CoinBox Wallet is the easiest, fastest, and most secure method for any business to accept payments in blockchain assets.

Coinbox aims to drive the use of blockchain in day-to-day trading by providing seamless solutions on well-known chains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, and widely growing Altcoins like XRP, DogeCoin, DDK, Link, TRON, Vet, and few others.

All powered by CoinBox Layer 2 Off-Chain Technology.

We offered 0 fees for users to generate QR-Invoice and request payment in blockchain assets.

Why CoinBox Merchant?

Easy to accept payment FOR more than 20++ coins in less than few MINUTES Get paid at the speed of Lightning Protect your business and secure your revenue Go Global and Borderless
Turbocharges you business by accepting Bitcoin and all ERC20, BEP20 and DRC20 token for payments. Settle Bitcoin and all other Altcoins payments with fewer fees than usual and instantly process through the CoinBox Layer 2 Off-Chain solutions. Say goodbye to centralize wallet, fraud, and chargebacks. Instead, we transfer real value and always keep your data safe. Use Bitcoin and all other Altcoins for fast, secure, transparent, and borderless payments.

Bitcoin & Altcoins

  • Receive payment in Bitcoin and more than 20++ Altcoins in local currencies values like USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, MYR, BND, THB, PHP, IDR, JPY, CNY, and more.
  • Seamlessly convert between Bitcoin and Stable Coins automatically at the time of the transaction with locked exchange rates or on-demand.

Payment Requests

Merchants can choose from thousands of blockchain assets to create QR-Invoice for payment requests in local currency values.

Automatic Conversion

Convert to your preferred Stable Coins at the time of the transaction to avoid Bitcoin and Altcoins price changes.

Account Funds

Convert settled funds to/from Bitcoin and Altcoins anytime. Hold funds in your preferred Stable Coins and optimize funds transfers.

On-demand conversion

Convert Bitcoin instantly or schedule conversions in advance. Hold funds in your preferred Stable Coins to secure the values.

We're Adding More

We’re expanding our exchange relationships and adding new coins and on-demand local currencies. Don’t see your coins or any currency you need? Get in touch with us directly at EMAIL:

Payments & Payouts

Optimized bitcoin payments and payouts

  • Accept instant payments from anywhere. Fund global payouts in crypto with local currency values.
  • Accept bitcoin payments from anywhere with payment buttons, hosted checkouts, e-commerce plugins, and CoinBox Merchant powerful API. Programmatically send funds to anyone in either bitcoin or their local currency instantly & on-demand.

Online Payments

A reliable Bitcoin and more than 20++ Altcoins payment rail for e-commerce businesses. Turbocharge your business by accepting online payments, real-time, borderless, and transparent payment with blockchain technology.

  • A great checkout experience for payers - CoinBox Merchant offers a smooth, straightforward checkout experience across desktop and mobile. It’s designed to be fast, secure, and ready-to-use.
  • Fewer fees compare to regular blockchain transactions - You get all of the benefits of CoinBox Layer 2 Off-Chain Layer 2 powered payments, including supported by ERC20, BEP20, and DRC20 tokens asset.
  • Easy setup and easy to use - Sign up for the CoinBox Wallet account and generate QR-Invoice from your merchant page to get started.
  • Receive bitcoin payments in minutes - Create QR-Invoice for payment request and send it to the person who will make the payment. We can track the status of the invoice for pending and once payment is complete, it will update your merchant balance and receive funds near-instantly.
  • Underpayments - CoinBox helps you resolve underpayments. Accept, refund or request full payment right from your Merchant page.
  • Overpayments - We flag any overpayments so that you can notify customers and refund them the difference.
  • Regulatory Compliance - CoinBox wallet acts as a UI (User Interface) to allow users to access blockchain assets that are open source and decentralized. CoinBox does not accept any deposits and does not hold user assets. Users are responsible for managing on their own custodial.
  • Option to choose which Coins to accept - Toggle between multiple chain assets and tokens for receiving the payments.
  • QR code scan - Scan the QR code to complete payment. Settlement is instant or near-instant.
  • Track payment status - Track payment status in real-time right from your CoinBox Merchant page.
  • In-person payments

    Turn any device into a functional (POS) point of sale for in-person Bitcoin and all Altcoins payment acceptance.

    (POS) point of sale

    A point of sale system, or POS, is where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your online/offline store. Simply put, every time a customer makes a purchase, they’re completing a point-of-the-sale transaction.

    Create and display payment requests in the physical world on any device. CoinBox's simple in-person payment solution is perfect for micro-payment, retail, events, and activity is synced to your CoinBox Merchant Page.

    Cashless, touch-free digital payments

    CoinBox allows businesses to process Bitcoin payments and all Altcoins in-store and keep the line moving. Use our payment requests to accept bitcoin transactions via any device that’s connected to the internet.

    Same day set-up - Quickly set up your store to receive in-person Bitcoin and all Altcoins payments.

    Easy to use - Our payment solution makes it simple for businesses and customers to pay in Bitcoin and Altcoins.

    High-speed settlement - With instant or near-instant settlement, you get your funds fast.

    Compatible with all Bitcoin wallets - With CoinBox, you can accept payment from any Bitcoin wallet.

    Guaranteed Bitcoin value - We lock the exchange rate to ensure everyone gets the expected Bitcoin value at checkout.

    How it works

    Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
    Request Bitcoin Accept Payment Get Paid
    Create a CoinBox payment request, and show it to your customer on your mobile device. Customers initiate payment by opening their Bitcoin wallets and scanning the QR code. Display the payment request to your customer. Get paid. Then receive your funds instantly.


    To create wider adoption of Blockchain and Altcoins, We offered 0 fees for users to generate QR-Invoice and request payment in blockchain assets.

    Click HERE To look at the list of assets accepted for Merchant.

    Payouts & Payroll

    We provide instant, low-cost, simple, automated, cost-effective Bitcoin and Altcoins infrastructure to enable payouts across the globe.

    From one-off outgoing payments to mass payouts, we help businesses transfer value – and avoid slow, overpriced fund transfers. CoinBox powers all types of outgoings, including payroll and supplier payments.

    • Safe and compliant - Secure your own custody and compliance practices your business can depend on.
    • Instant - Recipients receive payment instantly (Layer 2 off-chain) or near-instantly (On-chain).
    • Automated - Initiate bitcoin payouts from your dashboard or programmatically using our API.
    • Low cost - CoinBox charges low transaction processing fees, with no hidden charges.

    Fund payouts for free Initiate payouts Instant, low-cost settlement
    With Bitcoin Right from your Mobile Wallet Empower recipients
    and all other Altcoins Programmatically using our mass payout API Support business partners and service providers

    Payouts in sync with your Operations

    • 24/7 support - From onboarding to payout execution, get help when you need it.
    • Tracking and reporting - Clear, detailed payout tracking and reporting, right from your dashboard.
    • Support for recipients - CoinBox can onboard your recipients and support transfers in most major currencies.
    • Built-in fraud protection - Regular monitoring flags potential irregular activity.
    • Secure custody and transfer - CoinBox supports best practice security protocols.

    Settlement & transfers

    Settle instantly in Bitcoin, Stable Coins, or Altcoins, and transfer funds anytime.

    Choose to settle in Bitcoin, your local currency, or a mix of both. Then, transfer funds to your bank account or external Bitcoin wallet automatically or on-demand. With CoinBox, you decide.

    Instant settlement in the Coins of your choice

    Bitcoin & Altcoins Stable Coins Instant or near-instant No chargebacks, no fraud
    Keep your funds in blockchain assets, especially Bitcoin. The world’s best digital currency is also the last decade’s best performing store of value. CoinBox supports conversion from bitcoin to Stable Coins at the time of payment or anytime after settlement. Settlement using traditional payment providers can take days. With CoinBox, you receive funds immediately. Protect your revenue. Payers initiate Bitcoin payments, so fraud is virtually eliminated.

    Automatic or on-demand conversion

    • Supported currencies - Choose from more than 10 lists of currencies values
    • Automatic conversion - Convert to Stable Coins at the time of payment and avoid Bitcoin price changes.
    • On-demand conversion - Convert account funds to/from Bitcoin right from the dashboard, so you always hold funds in your preferred currency values.

    Split settlement

    Stay in control of your payments. For example, split between Bitcoin and Stable Coins or Altcoins.

    For each payment, keep a percentage of settlement funds in Bitcoin and automatically convert the rest to Stable Coins. Manage your exposure to Bitcoin price changes and update your settings at any time.

    Future of payments is here

    • Fast - Instant or near-instant settlement.
    • Benefits without the risk - No fraud and no chargebacks. You control your business’s exposure to Bitcoin and Altcoins.
    • Global - Compatible with every non-custodial blockchain wallet. Easily reach customers around the world.
    • Conversion - From Bitcoin to most major Altcoins.
    • Low cost - Fair fees and fewer hoops to jump through save your business time and money.
    • Final - No need to worry about payment reversals. Once payment is complete, that’s it.

    Accept payments and send payouts programmatically (Coming Soon)

    CoinBox provides complete integration support for developers :

    1. Guides
    2. API Documentation
    3. Dev and test environments
    4. Hosted Checkout
    5. Technical Support

    Contact us for more info.


    Professional, itemized invoices businesses can track. CoinBox makes it simple to request payment in bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. In addition, businesses of all sizes can send custom, itemized B2B and customer invoices for goods, services, and subscriptions.


    It is a contactless payment method where payment is performed by scanning a QR code from a mobile app. This is an alternative to doing electronic funds transfer at the point of sale using a payment terminal.

    Invoice in minutes

    Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
    Create a custom invoice Send your invoices Get paid
    Just add customer details, amount and due date. You can also include taxes or discounts. Email or text your invoice as a link or PDF, right from your Merchant Page. In bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies on your own, choose local currencies values. Settlement is instant (off-chain Layer 2) or near-instant (on-chain).

    Why bill or invoice with CoinBox Merchant?

    • Locked exchange rates - CoinBox protects businesses and payers from bitcoin and all other crypto price changes. We calculate the bitcoin denominated amount when payment is initiated, not when an invoice is first received. So before the payers make payment, the invoice will have different crypto units and fluctuate according to the current price of the crypto.
    • Instant settlement - Settlement using traditional payment providers can take days. However, payment of CoinBox invoices is effortless, and settlement is instant (off-chain Layer 2) or near-instant (on-chain).
    • Easy accounting - Need a complete record of your payment data and check the price history in crypto and local currencies? CoinBox helps you keep on top of your accounting by letting you download your transaction details in standard, usable formats.


    • Convert automatically, instantly, or on your schedule.
    • Seamlessly convert between Bitcoin and major Altcoins automatically at the transaction time with locked exchange rates or on-demand.

    Currency conversion

    Payment Requests Automatic Conversion Account Funds Funding Payouts
    Merchants can choose from 190+ source currencies to create bitcoin payment requests. Convert to your preferred local currency at the time of the transaction to avoid bitcoin price changes. Convert settled funds to/from bitcoin anytime. Hold funds in your preferred currency and optimize funds transfers. When you deposit local currency, CoinBox converts to bitcoin when payouts are initiated to provide price certainty.

    Realtime Rate

    -- put price rate here --


    • Receive funds in the currency of your choice using Split Settlement.
    • Choose to settle in Bitcoin, your local currency, or a mix of both. Then, transfer funds to your bank account or external bitcoin wallet automatically or on-demand. With CoinBox Merchant, you decide.