Coinbox Finance
Multi-Chain Asset Interface Management for Blockchain, DEFI's and NFT's

Smart and easy-to-use platform where you can manage all your coins in one space without any stress and having to maneuver your way among different apps.

decentralised economy

Non-Custodial Mobile Wallet that enables real Bitcoin and Altcoins adoptions

CoinBox provides many benefits for investors, traders, merchants, crypto fund managers and Enterprise solutions.

  • Layer 2 - Off-Chain technology is implemented at the backend to enable Micro-Payment.
  • Merchant - Adoption enabler for BTC and all ERC20 and BEP20 tokens.
  • P2P Marketplace - Exchange coins without having to go through an intermediary and eliminate middlemen.
  • NFT's Marketplace - Simplify the process to create, mint, and transfer NFT's with a few simple steps. No blockchain experience is required.
  • Token Creator - The solution is to make it easier for people to create tokens using a mobile wallet in just a few minutes.

CoinBox Solutions

Why need CoinBox?

Easy to Use

CoinBox Wallet is the ultimate Blockchain & Altcoins Management Interface, allowing you to discover every asset on the market, trade at the best rates, and manage your entire Coins portfolio from one place.

Future Proof

Ability to switch and integrate to other new blockchains anytime in the future without a major change in our backend. Thanks to the technology provider Tatum that allows us to provide services with a faster solution.


Built-in unique Layer 2 Off-Chain technology. Thanks again to Tatum, which enables us to leverage Tatum's off-chain; our users can efficiently execute multiple transactions per second with any blockchain, including Bitcoin and altcoins. All transactions are instant and feeless.


Introducing Merchant QR-invoices, P2P Marketplace, Token Creator, and NFT's product in Mobile makes it easier for new people in blockchain to start their journey.

Our Timeline

Road Map

Mar 2020

Initial Planning

June 2020

Development Begins

July 2021

Initial introduction of the product to the public

Aug 2021

Initial APK Launch to Seeds Investor

Sept 2021

Release of CBFI Wallet on Mainnet

Dec 2021

Introduce Merchant & P2P

April 2022

Referrals & CBFI Membership Launch

April 2022

CoinBox NFT Staking Farm & Pool

May 2022

CoinBox DEX & Multi Bridge Solution

June 2022 - 2030



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